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Facts roundup - 15th November 2015 (CORRECTION)

CORRECTION: The attack at Garissa University in Kenya took place back in April. The original post I made stated it as if it was a more recent event. I have changed the article accordingly. Apologies for this mistake.

As a side note, I intend to write a separate article on the issue.

It would be fair to begin by saying, this has been a raw week for everyone. The French are now in a state ofmourning, after attacks on their soil. Here are a few points of interest and reminders of what's happened during this turbulent week.

1.) 13th November was designated "World Kindness Day" in 1998

One of the most horrific acts of terrorism committed in Europe since the Second World War has resulted in over a hundred deaths.

A national emergency has been declared, and France has officially gone into a three-day period of mourning.

At the time of writing, the death toll has risen to 132.

7 suspects were believed to have perpetrated a series of bombings near Stade de France, as well as a series of shootings outside caf├ęs and restaurants.

2. ) An suspect man is currently being sought after by French authorities

Abdelslam Salah, is aged 26 and a native Belgian. He is 175cm tall, and authorities have warned the public that he is "dangerous".

3.) Story re-circulates about attack at Garissa university in Kenya al-Shabab (revised story)

A number of media outlets, including this blog erroneously reported that a university attack in Kenya had just occurred. In actual fact, the assault had taken place back in April 2015. I apologize unreservedly for not double-checking before writing the original article.

Along with many others, I am curious to discover why the story has begun to re-circulate on social media in this way. When writing the original article, I did think, the story seemed familiar.

There has been an effective effort on social media to publicize the event, as if it had just happened, and I think it has been very thought provoking.

In April, Garissa University in Kenya had been assaulted by militants from al-Shabab. The death toll totalled over 140. It was reported that the militants were singling out Christians on the campus.

The Kenyan government named Mohammed Kuno as the supposed mastermind of this attack. There is a bounty of 20 million Kenyan shillings (approx. £140,000) on his head.

3.) IS executioner "Jihadi John" may have been killed in a drone strike

This was a story that got front-page coverage in the papers during the week. Jihadi John was one of ISIL's high-profile executioners, who had taken part in filmed executions of foreign hostages, ranging from journalists to aid workers, from America, the UK and Japan.

In an operation by American drones, Jihadi John was reportedly killed by Hellfire missiles from a drone strike, while waiting in a car.

American military spokesman, Steven Warren, was quoted in the New York Post, saying the car was "evaporated" by the Hellfire missile strike.

4.) Hillary Clinton has called on Turkey and the Gulf States to do more, to help tackle ISIL

During last night's Democrat Party debate, Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said "It cannot be an American fight", saying Turkey and the Gulf states must step up and do more, to defeat ISIL.

5.) Myanmar's President vows smooth handover of power

One of the brighter spots during the last week's events. Aung San Suu-Ki, leader of the opposition National League for Democract Party, has stormed to victory at the ballot box.

The NLD is believed to have taken 387 of 478 seats contested in a dramatic general election last week. Results for 80% of total seats have been announced, with the rest expected in the coming days.

6.) Libyan leader of ISIL reportedly killed in air strike by US

Very recent story. On Friday, US forces performed an air strike on a compound in Derna, a port-city in eastern Libya.

Abu Nabil was the target of the strike. According to the Pentagon, Nabil had been a "long-time al-Qaeda operative"

ISIL have been making attacks in Libya, which remains a country in crisis, following the civil war.

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