Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Rise of the right-wing crazy - An American phenomenon

There's a new disease, running through the bloodstream of American politics. Meet the right wing crazies.

2016's GOP candidacy is still up in the air, with as many as 15 different people putting themselves forward. Here are some of the fruity, nutty or just plain insane facts about some of the contenders this year.

1.) Ted Cruz believes non-Christians should not be allowed to run for President

This echoes something a fellow candidate made, earlier in the campaign. Ben Carson had controversially alleged that Muslims shouldn't be entitled to run. He claimed Islam was not consistent with the US constitution.

The US constitution actually doesn't discriminate people from running, purely based on religious grounds. As long as you're a US citizen, born in the country, it should be perfectly fine.

This sad declaration by two candidates during the campaign is sad, because it makes it pretty clear that these two gentlemen would defend their right to religious freedom, at the expense of the freedom of others.

2.) Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal and Mike Huckabee attended a shockingly nasty event

At a conference on religious liberty in Iowa, these three GOP presidential candidates were in attendance. The proceedings were led by a radical Pastor, Kevin Swanson.

During a rant which makes you seriously question his sanity, Kevin Swanson yelled the following:

"It's not a gay time! These are people with sores!...don't carve happy faces on open, pussy sores!"

Swanson also made the controversial suggestion that America must repent, for doing something as sinful as...reading Harry Potter books!

In Swanson's view, readers must repent, as the Harry Potter books contain a gay character (Albus Dumbledore), who serves as a mentor to the young wizard.

3.) Donald Trump wants to build a big wall between the US and Mexico

Donald Trump has made no secret what his views on Mexicans are. At the launch of his campaign in June, Trump alleged that Mexicans coming to the States were "bringing drugs, crime and rapists" over from Mexico.

To remedy this problem, Trump has promised to build a "great, great wall". What a wonderful new idea.

If you don't like a country, you can just block them out with bricks, mortar and concrete. To put the icing on the cake, Trump would ask the Mexicans to pay for this great wall.

4.) Ben Carson really doesn't like answering questions about his personal life

Carson comes to the fray, as a former neurosurgeon, but he's started to become a natural, at evading questions.

After people started pointing out inconsistencies in the stories he told about his past, he's not seen keen to big it up anymore.

When asked about the subject, Carson suggested people "go jump in a lake" if they wanted to keep probing about his past, following last night's GOP debate.

Carson has made the mistake of not getting his story straight, before running for high office. He's also acting offended when he should be explaining the matter.

5.) Republican voters actually like Ben Carson and Donald Trump

It's hard to believe, but a significant amount of the Republican voter base actually imagine Trump or Carson facing the Democrats in 2016.

Trump has been consistently topping poll after poll, by a wide margin, since June. Ben Carson has caught up, and actually been leading in some polls, of all the candidates running.

The problem with both candidates is quite simple though: the United States has changed so much, since the last Republican was in the White House.

Voters are turning away from the Republicans, for their perceived lurch to the right, on issues like abortion, gay rights and racial tensions, at a time when the country as a whole is actually becoming more liberal.

The GOP is at risk of being locked out of the White House for the foreseeable future. Political purity can be an admirable quality, if you're standing up for policies that genuinely address concerns of the actual population.

Purity can become toxic, however, if a political party is mourning a rose-tinted world that never was.

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